Venus T1600- PVC Water Boot

SKU: FW-WBVNT1600-1-060

-Its ergonomic design in cane and sole provides comfort and stability on wet, dry, mud and gravel surfaces.

-Excellent non-slip engraving.

-Lightweight and soft flexibles. Especially comfortable

-Unlimited storage time.

-Because of the polymeric characteristics of PVC, the boot is completely waterproof and offers a longer life.

Chemical characteristics

– Special composition of plastic polymer agents.

-Excellent resistance to chemicals used in agriculture.


– Daily use, in activities that require waterproofing the feet.

-Agriculture, fishing, basic construction, livestock and gardening.

Washing conditions 

-Use soft bristle brush.

-Wash with soap or detergent.

-Wash maximum at 30 ° C temperature.

Brand: Venus

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